Abcalert Neapolitan Mastiffs
    & Tru Blue Bandogs.
For dogs who function longer and better.Where truth does not bend to
                 accomodate fantasy mixed with fiction.
In our many years in this breed, we have bred titled dogs in both work and show as well as many home guardians.

We are one of the few Neapolitan Mastiff kennells with actual experience in protection work, without which knowing the true character of a dog is impossible.

All pups we breed are from fully tested parents, tested for both temperament and genetic health, all dogs have had a full panel of over 40 DNA tests done.

Our temperament tests are done by a well qualified protection trainer, no dog which does not pass is used, we breed toward the most stable, reliable home companion and protector we possibly can, no one who does not test their dogs as rigidly as we do can rightly make claims of having either better than average health or good temperaments. Even we cannot claim to have perfection, health problems still arise,as do unsuitable temperaments, anyone stating otherwise in any breed is either a fool or a liar.
                             Trading as P S Daniell & M L Bryan ABN 18 438 093 034
                                DOGS QLD (ANKC) membership number 4004570370
                                                Full members of AAPDB
                                                  Breeding since 1992

CONTACT Maria, phone (07) 46543272 or 0427027159

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Abcalert Abraxas, photo sent in by owner.
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